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Recycling Club

Bring your muscles to room 119
  • Club Information:  Hello, my name is Mrs. McGowan. I am the sponsor for Recycling Club. My passion for recycling is contagious, as my students through the club learn to empower themselves to impact the world in a positive way. The students learn the importance of their actions and those of others on Mother Nature. The green club members will be included in a contest to raise money for the future of the club. The students may also have the opportunity to participate in a garage sale “Trunk full of Junk” to involve the community in the efforts at WBO to recycle, reduce, and reuse our resources, or raise money for a Go Green Organization. I believe it is important to teach our youth so they grow to become compassionate about our environment as adults.  The students will be picking 128,108 sq.ft.  of  paper, plastic, and aluminum around  WBO.  The students will be picking up Recycled items after school from 2:30-3:55 p.m. The students will meet in Mrs. McGowan’s room 119 at WBO. The students will take home the activity bus or can be picked up from 3:55-4:00p.m.  Please visit  and on the homepage under quick links is the  Activity Bus Schedule. This schedule will clarify your child’s designated bus after school.

    Go Planet,

    Mrs.  McGowan


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